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I feel as if we have such little time with Baby Z. He seems to enjoy daycare and the caregivers certainly love him. By the time we get home at around 6pm and starting his bedtime routine at 7:30pm, the window for hanging out as a family seems so short. We take turns between the bedtime routine and preparing dinner, then after dinner we share the housekeeping stuff like preparing Baby Z’s bottles, tidying up, and getting our lunches together. I’m usually ready to conk out by 10pm - and hence no online time. I’m really proud though that MoBob and I have succeeded at preparing and enjoying a sit-down dinner almost every night.

The big news is that we had to take Baby Z to the ER at the children’s hospital because he spiked a fever. He was at 103.5 by the time I was able to talk to the pediatrician. She suggested taking him to Children’s or Georgetown instead of GW. Baby Z remained alert and hadn’t shown any changes in eating or diaper activity, but in addition to the fever he was sounding congested in his nose and chest, and had just finished a course of antibiotics for ear infections on both sides. So we went. I can’t imagine what people do about transport to get there. There’s a shuttle to/from the metro but it only runs during the week. Who wants to take a vomiting child on the bus? What if there isn’t money for a taxi? We’re so lucky to have the resources (insurance, support from friends, enough knowledge to make decisions) in caring for Baby Z.

squee baby-sized hospital gown!
31 Aug 2013 ER - 2

Poor kid got his nose and chest vacuumed out, endured an x-ray, a catheter, and a rookie doctor who couldn’t stick correctly despite an extremely diplomatic nurse, and two IVs (saline drip and antibiotics). Oddly he had to wear an extremely adorable baby-sized hospital gown complete with openings in the back. Like a onesie wasn’t already pretty accessible? Also the ER didn’t have cribs or bassinets on wheels so MB held Baby Z on a regular-sized bed the whole time. Also, there were signs everywhere that the facility was a gift from the Saudi people - did they know about all the kind Jewish doctors, including Dr. Mordechai who wore his yarmulke so fetchingly? Between all the doctors and nurses popping in we watched the Disney channel, including this amusing video:

Baby Z was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, which seems like a very bad adult cold. We went home and then returned on Monday for a second shot of antibiotics. When we were discharged several nurses trailed behind Baby Z - he had charmed everyone. Luckily the pediatric practice is part of the children’s hospital network so they had all his records from the ER when we took him in on Tuesday. He’s a healthy little guy, thank goodness.

Last Saturday we went to Ikea to buy a crib. This was a Big Deal since MB very rarely consents to going to Ikea. We only shop there about once a year. We were super-disciplined and didn’t buy anything beyond the crib and some toys for Baby Z. I wish Ikea had a more developed online shopping system. Some stuff you can get through Amazon but not a lot of the smaller items.

On Women’s Equality Day I joined the rather large Mormon contingent at the Equal in Faith: women fast for gender justice event. I didn’t fast since I’m still lactating but it was a really lovely event. I believe there were eight of us. Do I double-count as Catholic as well?

I had my turn at the ER the weekend before. We were at Yards Park enjoying the sunshine. I finished eating a Clif bar and suddenly felt sick, and then threw up in one of the plastic bags we keep handy for used diapers. I threw up several more times on the way home, at home, and on the way to the ER at GW hospital. (Oddly the ER didn’t have my current record even though I’d given birth there only a few months ago!) Our friends came over and stayed with Baby Z. I ended up getting a couple of bags of saline drip myself because of dehydration. Poor MB! The culprit food was some fried fish from the local Moroccan restaurant that I had taken out from the freezer.

the view from the bed
24 Aug 2013 ER

I was ready for a change hair-wise but didn’t expect the highlights to remind me of experimenting with “Sun-In” as a teenager.
highlights Aug 2013

We took Baby Z out for his first concert ever - Elikeh at the Kennedy Center’s Millenium Stage - of course it was a local DC Afropop band originally from Togo.
Elikeh concert 17 Aug 2013 - 1

One of the reporters for the local NBC and NPR affiliates, Tom Sherwood, lives in our neighborhood and gave a talk to the coop members. I chatted with him and asked if he ever felt like hitting Pat Collins with his stupid yardstick. He said yes. (Friends who live in the DMV will know what all this means.)
The Pat Collins Snow Stick
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