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red for Ramadrama

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​​This week Baby Z started at the USDA daycare center. We were thrilled to get a place, and logistically it worked out since it’s on MoBob’s way to and from his office. Plus, amazingly, it is $700 less than the daycare center in the building (where we were also offered a spot), 10 months after we got on the waitlist. The first day was a little rough in getting ourselves organized and out the door, but Baby Z didn’t seem to have any qualms adjusting to a new environment. The director sent an email saying “It is such a joy to see little Zack’s smiling face! He is such a good baby!!!” It’s probably just as well that we’re not using the center in our building, since I’d try to see Baby Z regularly, and would feel guilty if I don’t. We’re planning on moving Baby Z into the crib in his own room this weekend, so big changes are afoot all around.

We had a really busy weekend. On Saturday morning one of our neighbors (who recognized Baby Z from story time at the library) arranged for a meet and greet with the local school’s principal. DC public schools offer pre-school starting at age 3 so this was a good opportunity to see what the options are. She was really straightforward and ambitious for the school. Hopefully she’ll still be around when we have to make a decision about Baby Z since the daycare center goes up to kindergarten.

Then we went on to the noisy, dance-y Moroccan wedding reception. Baby Z was a little overcome by all the excitement so we hung out in the groom’s apartment for most of the event. He perked up later in the evening for the low-key American wedding reception that evening. It was held at DACOR Bacon House which is a private club for State Department folks. We saw a lot of old friends from church and Baby Z was passed once again from one pair of loving arms to another.

On Sunday afternoon we watched the Step Afrika! kids’ program perform at the National Building Museum. It was a lot of fun - we watched from the 2nd floor overlooking the main space. Afterwards we stopped at Hill Country's Backyard BBQ for sandwiches and corn bread to go.

Happy Belated Eid! (the USPS office says the image is the same as the 2011 edition)

Finally, a photo where we all match.
red 10 August 2013
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On August 14th, 2013 09:44 pm (UTC), jandjsalmon commented:
Cutest little guy in the whole world! So precious!

You sound SO busy! But I'm not surprised - you were busy before baby Z so of course you're ten times busier now. :D
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