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Tickle · the · Pear

synchroswim and gospel music

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Another fun weekend in DC, despite Ramadrama and being tethered to the breast pump. I physically return to the office Monday (tomorrow!) so in a sense this was my last weekend of freedom, part 2.

The SynchroSwim performance/competition was a little too high concept in some parts (ketchup? green-wigged monsters? a woman clinging to the edge of the pool?) but overall good fun. We'd never been to the Capitol Skyline Hotel before, even though it's one of the older landmarks in our neighborhood. We had to endure the drunken comments of a group of girls who'd stayed over from the weekly pool party, and a grumpy family behind us, and a light drizzle, but otherwise it was fine, and we were rewarded by Baby Z's biggest smile ever.

On Sunday afternoon we went to see the Washington Performing Arts Society's Children of the Gospel Choir perform at the National Building Museum. The NBM is one of my favorites, in a city full of museums, and we hadn't been since mini-golf last year. (I belatedly realized that last time I was pregnant, and this time we came with the deliverable.) The choir was absolutely outstanding. In Mo parlance, the Spirit was very strong. The kids were incredibly mature and professional, and the music inspirational *and* danceable. I wish we had music like this more often at church.

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