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Last night I attended a wonderful event, Gourmet Intersections: Asian-Latino Food Crossings at the Smithsonian. Of course Filipino food is comes quickly to mind, and Cris Comerford (White House executive chef) did a great presentation. The speaker from the Mexican Cultural Institute (whose Austrian grandparents cooked Chinese food) talked about the long history of Asians in Mexico, and the sushi expert cheerfully acknowledged his status as the white guy talking about sushi (which originated in northern Thailand of all places and was standardized through American bureaucrats in post-WWII Japan). Somehow I missed the pre-presentation snacks, alas.

The weather has finally cooled down. We said a sad goodbye to the NIL yesterday. She had thought about extending her stay but was unable to find a ticket for the right date and price. I realized last night that (1) now we are free to walk around our undies and (2) we are alone with Baby Z without a built-in babysitter (the stopgap nanny is with us from 9am to 5pm on weekdays) for the first time since his birth.
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