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Tickle · the · Pear

the boys' club

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I just heard that the Royal Baby is a boy. Welcome to the club, Princess Shiny Locks! It's kind of a running joke among my colleagues that nearly all of the gender advisors have given birth to boys. A brave new world for me - what the heck did I know about circumcision care before Baby Z arrived? Or about that particular body part in general? I have to admit that I started re-examining my feminist principles when we find out we were having an XY. At least now I know that there's still a lot of cute baby stuff for boys. I was hoping to squash any gender-coding on my part, but here I am, ordering loads of goodies from etsy.com with trucks, zoo animals, and soccer balls, or items in navy or powder blue. I'm just glad that Baby Z arrived in relative solitude and quiet.

But there was no question that motherhood took my breath away not only because of the gloriousness of the beauty it offered up to me each and every day, but also because of the heat of its rage.

"Baby Weight" by Cheryl Strayed
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