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going back in time

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The SIL left (boo-hoo) and the Niece-in-Law is here now. She is a med student and speaks English pretty well, and is spending the first couple of weeks of Ramadan touring around DC. I was sad to see the SIL go. We both cried when she left. I gave her a framed photo of Baby Z which she kissed tenderly.

The NIL and I went on a kayak tour of the DC monuments on Sunday. We actually reserved this trip last year but never made it. This time we did, and MoBob suggested that the NIL go in his place. Though I had a tough time at first controlling my kayak, eventually I got the hang of it, and it was overall just a lovely experience. We even saw one young man calmly reading a book in his kayak in the middle of the Potomac.

On Saturday we went to the Lotus and Lily festival at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, definitely one of the hidden gems in DC. Many of the local Asian groups performed, including a truncated Chinese dragon (four legs only but fully operational eyes and ears); surprisingly the only food kiosk was from a Senegalese restaurant.

I got together with my mommy group on Friday at Eastern Market. A couple of us joked about looking different enough from our kids that we'd be mistaken for nannies. Ha ha *sigh.*

We have a stop-gap nanny for now and we visited a couple of childcare centers, and are still talking to a couple of different families about nanny shares. I'm glad that we have some options, but it's still frustrating that I'm back at work (albeit at home during a mellow time of year) that we're still not settled.

We spent July 4th at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. It was so hot and crowded, and I forgot how expensive and crappy the food is. We really only got to see the exhibit on endangered languages. Disappointingly neither MoBob's (Berber) nor mine (Boholano/Visayan) was featured. Then that night I herded a group of Moroccan ladies to watch fireworks. We were planning to go to Benjamin Banneker Park but it was late and crowded enough that we just camped in front of one of the USDA buildings, where we have a fine view nonetheless.

I've started becoming more active on Twitter. It certainly feels different from FB and LJ. I'm also starting to get used to Feedly though I miss GoogleReader so much. Feedly doesn't have a search function! I can't find a bookmarklet to add feeds directly! Gah.

Hard to believe we were in the middle of a very urban neighborhood.
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On July 16th, 2013 02:35 am (UTC), curieuse commented:
I'm glad you and your SIL could share this unforgettable time. <3
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