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Tickle · the · Pear


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If I'm at home all day, I pump every two hours. If I'm going out at some point, I pump every hour. It's a pain, in so many ways. But I do it for my Baby Z.

Things I do while I'm tethered:
*watch Downton Abbey
*listen to streaming radio
*listen to podcasts
*read magazines, instapaper, google reader
*stare out the window
*watch Baby Z hanging out on the boppy if he's not with MoBob or the SIL
*stare out the window
*make lists

Last night I went to CAPAL's Washington Leadership Program's dinner. I felt ancient but I'm glad I made the effort to become more involved on the domestic side. Plus it's just powerful to see so many immigrant brunettes. Honestly, to find the room I just had to follow a group of assorted young Asian people.

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