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Tickle · the · Pear

resisting chaos and disorder

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Faithful readers may recall that I derive a lot of satisfaction and calm from an orderly environment. Of course once a baby arrives that all goes out the window - all the books advise just dealing with it - but it's a real struggle for me. Happy mommy, healthy baby, right? But I'm facing contradictory impulses.

We enrolled in the local library's summer reading program. I'm not really doctrinaire about reading to Baby Z at this stage but it'll be fun and low-key. We got a sippy cup and a bib to start. The first book we "read" together was Câlin câlins, which means "hugs hugs" in French.

Baby Z slept through our visit to Glen Echo Park for the Washington Folk Festival. Although I've lots of friends who've gone dancing there, it was the first time we've ever gone. We spent most of the time mesmerized by the carousel.
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