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Tickle · the · Pear

the week that was

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A pretty mellow week though I'm kind of overwhelmed by my to-do list. Like: dealing with health insurance, filing, etc. I did finish a book, The Likeness by Tana French; I'd forgotten the pleasure of actually reading a physical book. I attended my first FMH snacker, as always a real treat to meet online friends in real life. We went to see Star Trek without a colon Into Darkness. I didn't think it was as good as the first one; honestly, in the future we still can't fix Admiral Pike's bum leg? At least that was a big improvement over the non-motorized wheelchair he had the first time around. io9's FAQ nailed it for me despite the bad words. The first really hot day of summer the SIL and I went to Canal Park to meet some other moms from the ward at the former ice skating rink now splash park. Shockingly, the women's restroom did not include a diaper changing table. WTH? I ended up changing poor Baby Z on a park bench. To add to my growing bad mommy resume, I found mold in one of the parts of the breast pump, so presumably I've been feeding Baby Z tainted breastmilk. Thankfully he hasn't exhibited any symptoms of anything, though I did call the Breastfeeding Center, the nurse answer line at the pediatrian's office, and the poison control center to make sure. We topped off the week with a visit to the office. I went to see a dear friend give a presentation, and I showed off Baby Z to the adoring colleagues. He was on his best behavior. Afterwards we trekked to the child care center to see where we were on the waiting list. We are up to #20, and the director said there *might* be a space available in September. That would make one year since I first applied. Sheesh.
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