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MoBob is out with Zacky and the SIL at a farm in Virginia to slaughter sheep. I went to the BYU Political Affairs Society conference. That's how we roll! I was impressed with the conference's bipartisan spirit. Though the majority of speakers were from the conservative side and I'm sure a lot of the participants were as well, the keynote speaker, John Podesta, was a Clinton admin official and is now with the Center for American Progress, and Sui Lang (my Relief Society president) and I were the Mormon Democrat panelists. I was especially impressed with the first night's speaker, Rep. Salmon from AZ, who talked movingly about his gay son and the importance of reaching across the aisle in Congress.

Last night however was pure fun. We went to the Trapeze School student and staff show. Honestly I'd be scared to climb the ladder that high, let alone actually fly.

I wonder how his hat stayed on.
trapeze show may 2013
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