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Tickle · the · Pear

quick and lazy update

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After a month of abstaining from any caffeinated drinks, I took a couple of gulps of MoBob's Mountain Dew earlier this evening - combined with a long nap this afternoon, I think I will be staying up late tonight. Might as well take advantage!

On Valentine's Day, I accompanied a colleague to visit her 3 year-old daughter whose "class" at the building's day care center was having a V-Day party. I was impressed with the facility, especially with how the staff engaged with the children, and how easy it would be to visit. I'm still on the waitlist, and I've met with the other woman in the building who's interested in a nanny-share, so at least my options are covered.

MoBob and I spent V-Day weekend in NYC for our last child-free trip. EVER. FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS. I used up my frequent flyer miles to reserve a room at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square, a part of town that neither of us had really visited. I even wrangled a couple of free breakfast vouchers for us and a late check-out on Sunday. A good thing since we both needed naps.

MB wasn't joining me til late Friday night, so I took advantage of the Whitney museum's "pay what you wish" late hours. I'm not a big fan of contemporary art, but I did enjoy the permanent collection, especially the exhibits of Alexander Calder and Jacob Lawrence. I hadn't realized that Calder actually included human figures in his work. The Circus series was especially fun.

On Saturday, we had "modern" Filipino food at Jeepney - we had gone to Maharlika, the sister restaurant up the street, last year. Then we returned to Times Square to stand in line in the cold wind for the TKTS booth. We experienced had sticker shock for tickets for Chicago but nonetheless it was an excellent show.

On Sunday, we decided to see Harry Potter: the Exhibition at the Discovery Center. Despite having timed tickets, we still had to wait and wait in line. At least we weren't the poor souls in the windy cold waiting for the Weasley twins who were signing autographs the same weekend. The exhibit opened with an exercise with the Sorting Hat and then large doors that showed the Hogwarts Express in the snow. The props and costumes were so beautiful, but everything looked so small. Some items I really hadn't remembered, like the Angel of Death from HP4, and others I was disappointed not to see, like the chess set from HP1. I didn't like how the staff kept pushing the audio tour and the souvenir photos, but I guess that's the nature of the business. It was a nice complement to our visit last year to Harry Potter World.

Inside the "HeartWalk" sculpture on Times Square, constructed from Superstorm Sandy debris.

I'll post about my baby shower separately once I get the photos; this weekend I was finally able to pass off 5 xerox boxes of books for the library at BYU Barlow Center. My pitch was that I had an entire collection of BYU Women's Conference books and academic works related to the Church, but neglected to mention the back issues of Sunstone, Dialogue, and Exponent, and a copy of "Multiply and Replenish: Mormon Essays on Sex and Family."
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