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Tickle · the · Pear

mellow weekend

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We didn't really plan anything for this weekend. I was going to meet another woman who lives in the building about doing a nanny-share, but we re-scheduled for next weekend. I visited with my doula and we discussed the different options about induction and c-sections, and we agreed to revise my birth plan. Apart from church tomorrow, I really don't anticipate going out into the cold sunshine. That said, I do have to start in on our taxes, thank-you notes, and some other odd to-do list items.

Earlier this week we went to see a very cool local duo, The Sweater Set, perform. Their music was very quirky, hipster, and sincere - and using a ukelele, an accordian, and, of course, a kazoo. Then Friday night we went to see a community step show at Dance Place. Also lots of fun, especially with all the kids. I hadn't seen a step show since college, and when I mentioned going to a couple of colleagues, they were also a little surprised to hear of one outside of an academic setting.
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On February 10th, 2013 10:55 pm (UTC), ticklethepear commented:
Now that induction and c-section are on the table more firmly, I added more info about my preferences - like trying natural methods of induction before resorting to meds. The doula is very cool. Very calm and knowledgeable. We seem to click.
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