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Tickle · the · Pear

fun and not so fun

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Taffety Punk's concert poem reading of Shakespeare's "The Rape of Lucrece"
Disturbing and memorable.

Caps Fan Appreciation Special Event

Let's go, Caps!

Sing the Truth: Angelique Kidjo, Dianne Reeves and Lizz Wright
Surprisingly our first time to the Strathmore; I've seen Diane Reeves and Angelique Kidjo perform before but Lizz Wright was new to me. As always, not enough room for dancing.

Femi Kuti and The Positive Force
Our last concert - for a long while - at the 9:30 Club! Boo. I got a reserved stool in the upstairs section as a preggy and MoBob just danced behind me.

Visting dear friend N in Rome, GA, and her lovely family. Last trip in a plane for me.

Not fun:
Getting sick while visiting N, with stomach cramps so bad it was difficult to walk or talk. Spending the night in the local medical center, first in Labor & Delivery, and then in ER. Hooked up to fetal monitoring and listening to Bassou move while I was in such pain and fear. Then getting several shots of morphine and feeling better. MB so worried and so far away. Despite multiple tests, I never found out what caused my stomach ailment. Poor N was a real trooper - a true friend. Bassou is fine. I'm not sure if I am, sometimes.
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