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Yesterday and today were incredibly busy days, for unusual reasons. Yesterday I went to the breastfeeding/pumping class at the breastfeeding center which, awkwardly, was during the middle of the day. Thank goodness my boss has three kids and totally understands such matters. The class was taught by a lactation consultant whom I later learned was called "the breast whisperer." There was a good mix of expecting and new moms in the audience - and babies, of course. I am still a little shell-shocked from having to think about my boobs in a different way though. I'm not used to seeing them as, quite frankly, milk machines. I was also overwhelmed by the number and variety of equipment and accessories for pumping. I guess I don't have to worry about that at the moment. Right?

Then I left work early to attend one of the NSO in Your Neighborhood events, at the DC Jewish Community Center. A very nice program of a chamber ensemble (violin, oboe, and piano) starting with Bach and Beethoven, and then ending with several Jewish composers. Unfortunately I couldn't find a YouTube video of "A Night in the Garden of a Nightclub" by Otto Luening, but here's a charming one of Itzhak Perlman performing "Temp di minuetto" by Fritz Kriesler.

Today was our office's "holiday", i.e. New Year's, party. We started internally around lunchtime and then the rest of the agency was invited for 2pm and after. Basically I will never get this afternoon back. My social skills were totally exhausted too. I'm so glad to see lots of people I like, but it was just a bit much. I ended up staying til 7pm to finish up because I'll be out at an all day meeting tomorrow and then in a training all next week.
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On January 11th, 2013 02:49 am (UTC), curieuse commented:
It's really smart you're learning all you can now, and getting good contact info for help later. I heard some good advice which was if you had to choose between a labor class and a breastfeeding class, pick the BF one, because in labor you have a ton of trained people there to help you, but BF is often something you have to learn alone when you are tired and for some people it just clicks but for most people there seems to be a learning curve! I wish you great luck with it!
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On January 11th, 2013 02:58 am (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
That's so true. Plus you only have to go through labor once for each kid!
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