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Tickle · the · Pear

post-Boxing Day

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Christmas was really mellow this year. Normally there’s a million activities we try to attend but in 2012 we just hung out with people, mainly. I did get to see The Nutcracker as part of the Ballet in Cinema series at AFI Silver Theater. I saw the Russian version last year and liked it more, though the British version had some nice documentary clips and changed the narrative a bit to show that the godfather’s nephew was trapped inside the nutcracker. Also, the audience was encouraged to tweet their comments which were then displayed on screen.

I forgot to mention that last week we went to dinner at Kruba Thai restaurant. The food was OK; really we went more out of curiosity since the restaurant scene in our new neighborhood is still pretty underdeveloped. I was struck most with the interior decor. It’s pretty rare in my experience to see Thai restaurants reflecting the traditional woodwork of the Chiang Mai region (not that I’ve been there).

We finally hooked up our DVD player and watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas morning. MoBob said that Lucy reminds him of me. Hm. To that I say: watch this! Make it a Bad Brains Christmas, D.C..

I'm hoping that this week will be pretty quiet at work. I went into the office yesterday and surprisingly there were a sprinkling of people around. I'm hoping to work from home until Jan. 2 but we'll see.
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