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Marie's recent post reminded me of how in my current, not so new job, I've somehow become an adult. It has been a little disconcerting to realize that I've become a colleague of a number of people for whom I'd been an intern or another very junior position in an earlier life. I was in an intern in grad school for a number of organizations, and since then I've run across several people who used to supervise me. One that always weirds me out is sitting in meetings with a (now) colleague who was the American Associate Programming Country Director (APCD) when I was a Peace Corps volunteer. He wasn't *my* APCD because he was in a different sector, but I often got seeds from him for the school garden. Now I'm one of the technical specialists that works with his team. Just too strange. It's the same feeling I get whenever I'm speaking and people are writing down what I say.

I'm still haunted by the Specter of Unfinished Projects and I made good progress this weekend. Like dying all my faded black yoga pants and almost finishing the pile of photo albums for scanning. Making good progress on the baby stuff too, like registering for more prenatal classes, finishing my baby registry, and starting the DIY baby book. I skimmed The WSJ Financial Guidebook for New Parents last night, which I'm sure contributed to some restless dreams. I'm happy to hand that over to MoBob.
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