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Tickle · the · Pear

stuck with Sandy

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The US government has shut down for today because of the hurricane, and I'm interpreting the "telework" clause to mean that I'll check email regularly to see if there are messages from colleagues who are equally stuck at home, or busy overseas. I have quite a few home projects anyway so I'm glad for the time. I'm a fresh air freak and am keeping at least one window open for as long as possible. And...unlimited nap time!

This past weekend was a little mellower, though on Saturday I did spend dinner with another family from church and then squeezed into my wedding caftan to attend a Halloween party. I've actually spent most of the past few days trying to find a workable solution to my one preggy problem (apart from fatigue): generalized random itchiness. I couldn't believe it, but it's true. Even the Mayo Clinic guide strikes an incredulous tone. "You expected to get bigger, more easily fatigued...but itchier? It happens to about one-fifth of pregnant women." I posted on FB and got a lot of helpful suggestions. For the moment cortisone-fortified calamine lotion seems to work best, but I definitely want to get a prescription, since it's starting to affect my sleep. Oddly, I feel it most in the back of both thighs. Oh dear Bassou, how I suffer for you, now that you're the size of a tomato.
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