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Tickle · the · Pear

fall Friday

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MoBob left this morning with four suitcases, filled with stuff like an X-box (the new laptop went into the carry-on), and one last kiss for me and a pat for Bassou. He said later that he only had to pay $100 extra for baggage, which is a pretty good deal. Now he is at JFK and the Royal Air Maroc flight is delayed. "Maroc time." Unfortunately the phone connection is crap so I haven't heard much from him. I've actually never flown RAM internationally so I'm curious how it will compare to Air France, though you can't beat a direct flight.

Today was a work from home day, and in between actual work and laundry and general tidying-up I watched several episodes of Inspector Lewis on YouTube. I had downloaded a previous season on my iPhone from iTunes, which was an OK viewing experience. The YouTube videos are in 13-15 minute increments. Convenient for mini-breaks since I have to go to the loo so often. I don't think I've ever watched Inspector Morris so it's curious that I'm such a fan of Inspector Lewis. Maybe it's...Hathaway?
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On October 20th, 2012 12:37 am (UTC), Jesse Gunther commented:
it's totally hathaway ;)
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On October 29th, 2012 01:55 pm (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
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