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Tickle · the · Pear

mellow weekend

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I worked from home on Friday (my usual day) and today (waiting for the Sears repair person to fix our dishwasher) so I've been away from the office for awhile. I was originally planning to go to Burundi on Saturday but that got cancelled; instead we went to the Woodbridge Sailing School at Leesylvania State Park for a sailing lesson. Our instructor was a young man whose day job is with the Virginia State Assembly, and quite frankly it was just a cruise for me since MoBob did all the work. Saturday was cloudy and overcast, with a few sprinkles, and we enjoyed the lack of sunburn. A very pleasant way to spend a summer morning. Since we were in the area we went to the Potomac Mills mall - a total madhouse but we accomplished our goal of finding a suit for MB.

On Labor Day itself I sat by the kiddie pool with a friend and her twin girls, and then we drove to the suburbs of Baltimore to visit a Moroccan-American family in a large, rambling house with a little stream in the backyard. The youngest child is in a French immersion school and he recited the Pledge of Allegiance in French. Actually, first he made us try to figure out how to say it in French first, and his American mom and I (who both learned French as Peace Corps volunteers) started with "Je pledge" which made everyone giggle.
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