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Tickle · the · Pear

summer weekend

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Last night we went out with M's work colleagues in our monthly supper club for delicious Indian food. This morning I met a friend for breakfast at Eastern Market,and then we went on a tour of the White House. Amazing that ordinary people can request entry into the presidential residence. Sure, we had to go through our (non-voting) representative's office, and the security was super-strict (no cameras, purses, etc.) but it was well worth it. No sign of Bo, alas. Tomorrow's agenda includes brunch at a French restaurant in Old Town Alexandria. My friend is here with her family and I suggested that they take the water taxi from National Harbor to Old Town. I hope they enjoy it. And then it's our turn on the water, with a kayak tour of the monuments.

Hopefully Sunday will be as gorgeous as Saturday. I'm so tired of the heat and humidity.

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