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Tickle · the · Pear

feeling better, sort of

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Thanks for all the get well wishes. I often feel like my body is rebelling against me but it's all this low-grade, passive-aggressive, stuff. I've never had surgery and never spent a night in a hospital, but I seem continually plagued by weird health problems.

Now that I’m a couple of weeks distant from my trip to Asia, I can say that I had a wonderful time overall. I like Bangkok very much, and I like my colleagues, so hanging out with my colleagues in Bangkok was a lot of fun. Plus my crazy Afghan colleague spiced life up considerably. I actually spent another day and night in Bangkok on my way back to the US and realized that I was really on vacation. Away from family and work, and floating in a pool under a flowering tree.

Every time I’ve been to the Philippines I’m reminded how American I am. My American habits? Drinking milk. Clearing the table at fast food restaurants. Keep my own name after marriage. Expecting rainwater harvesting, solar panels, and GMO rice. How American! I got into long discussions with my cousins about how sad it would be if I didn’t return to the Philippines for retirement. Like it was my decision to immigrate. My parents seem happy and healthy enough so that’s what’s important.

One of my colleagues asked me to help her organize her cubicle. We went through four boxes of stuff, so at least now there isn't anything on her floor anymore. Unfortunately she's going to Ghana next week so her desk area will have to wait. I moved all the extraneous stuff from her cube to mine so that it doesn't stay with her and start to fester again - I guess I was quite the disciplinarian - it all went into recycling.
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