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from and for cellio:
magic, Africa, faith, pears, flight, tulips, trust

I do believe in magic. Maybe I conflate "magic" too often with "miracle" or "faith." Like, it's absolutely magical that I found someone whom I love so dearly and who loves me back.

I've written from time to time my ambiguous and conflicted feelings about Africa. I don't think I'll ever fully resolve how I feel. It's a place, or, full of places, where I feel comfortable and challenged at the same time. For example, when I went to Addis last month, it felt so familiar (because of my previous experience in other countries in East Africa and my life in DC) and yet so new because it was my first time. At this point I've spent more than ten years of my life on the continent, and most of my adult life, something I'm still grappling with.

I was official baptized in 1997, so I am now in the adolescent throes of my faith journey. I still often feel frustrated and discouraged by life as a Mormon (it doesn't help that this is an election year) but I have never entertained the thought of leaving.

Recently I've discovered that when I eat certain fruits, including pears, my mouth gets tingly and itchy. I guess I'm allergic now. A sad development.

If I'm not upgraded, I find that the only way for me to keep sane on long flights is to maintain some kind of schedule. Like, on an overnight flight, I'll stay awake until after the first meal, and then I'll nap; or, on shorter flights, I'll take a walk every hour and try to alternate work with pleasure reading, or writing in my journal. Otherwise I really think I'd go nuts. Even with all the perks I now get, I still find travel hard work indeed.

The screensaver on my Nook is a series of black and white x-ray photos of tulips.

I think I'm too trusting. I assume the inherent goodness of humankind, and that's always not the case.
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