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Tickle · the · Pear

turbo-charged planning and packing conundrum

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I'm back to my extremely unhealthy habit of drinking 4 Cokes a day. Real Cokes - no "Coca Light" here, alas. Thankfully since we'd anticipated returning to the US for awhile, we'd already purged a lot of stuff and decided on what we were selling and keeping. MoBob and I went through his file cabinet over the weekend and culled a lot of papers and decided on what he should keep with him since he'll be staying on until January. The two managers from the moving company are coming tonight to do the survey, and we're holding sort of a yard sale on Saturday. Plus I finished the minimal work tasks I had on my to do list: finishing a training report, reviewing the final report for a closed project, tying up some loose ends for gender and development resources, and commenting on the draft report of a mid-term evaluation.

So my only real headache centers on packing for my trip outta Burkina. The factors to consider:
* I'll be spending a few days in Paris as a tacky tourist
* the baggage limit is much smaller because I'm not going directly to the US (but I can either pay the extra charges and be reimbursed or get the travel agency to negotiate a bigger allowance with the airline)
* since my shipment is not arriving until Nov./Dec. I have to prepare not only for a variety of situations where I need different kinds of clothes and accessories (work, church, gym, etc.), but also camping out in an apartment (linens, kitchen equipment, etc.). Not to mention that I don't know what the clothing vibe is in Little Rock and I'll be there as summer turns into autumn. I don't want to spend money on a lot of things before my shipment comes.

I haven't ironed or worn pantyhose in seven years.

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