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The flight over confirmed that the best seat configuration (for me) if I don't get upgraded is the aisle seat with an empty seat in the middle. This has happened to me several times (thank you travel gods!) and it helped on this last Washington DC - Tokyo leg. This is my third visit to Bangkok and it's rather sad to think that I know so little of the city, let alone the entire country. I took a walk yesterday in an attempt to stave off jet lag and wandered past the US Embassy, followed by a visit to the department store I know best, Central. Honestly, I don't need to go anywhere else, but I am planning to visit Terminal 21 this afternoon (after the tailor and the pedicure). Don't ask me why, as often as I travel, I'm so keen on seeing a shopping mall that's set up like an airport.

And I had a plateful of jackfruit for breakfast, yay!
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