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Tickle · the · Pear

a long way from home (whichever home it may be)

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On the Metro today there was a large group of Filipino teenagers on board. I sat across from a smaller gaggle of girls. I know they were trying to figure out if I were Pinay or not because I understand *that much* Tagalog. They were pretty freaked out by a big guy who was walking up and down the aisle yelling "You have to love the black man!" He stepped off at Metro Center but they stayed on til Smithsonian.

For some reason the girls made me think of an experience I had when I visited the Philippines during college. My cousins and I paid the equivalent of a $1 to attend a dance that was held on the high school's basketball court. The basketball court was in a sunken part of the yard, and when I looked up I saw crowds of people above us. They were kids who weren't able to pay the $1 watching the kids who could.

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