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Tickle · the · Pear

rain + sun

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Friday was really sunny, and in the afternoon I walked over to Sewall-Belmont House post-renovation. I belong to the National Women's Party but haven't really done much apart from attend some events. *sigh*

Friday evening MoBob and I went to the reception for the ICAP Mid-Year Reunion, where people managed to find me even though I tried to hide with my selection of appetizers. On Saturday I went to the actual conference - completely off the record, Chatham house rules! It started to rain, and I was debating whether or not we should continue to the Kingman Island Bluegrass & Folk Festival. We'd never been before, and it was more challenging to find parking lot #6 at RFK stadium, where the entrance to the park is located, then dealing with the rain. We managed to meet up with various friends and danced in the rain for the last hour of the concert.

We were planning to see The Nautical Yards but we were tired. Next time we'll see these guys:

the capitol hillbillies by sylviaburkina  on 500px.com
the capitol hillbillies by sylviaburkina
The Capitol Hillbillies near Eastern Market metro station
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