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squirmy silence

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I enjoy listening to Planet Money on NPR and last year we had the thrill of seeing a live taping. I was curious about one of the reporters, Chana Joffe-Walt, so I Googled her. I found her LinkedIn profile, and it turns out that we have 32 connections in common. 32! Granted, some make sense, like some of the media/journalism folks I’ve met over the years, but I didn’t realize that I’d exceed the six degrees of separation with someone whose voice I’ve found endearing and cute, especially when discussing Toxie.

I’ve figured out (duh) that the only way that I can see people *and* do fun things is by…doing things with people. So tonight I met a friend from my former tennis team and we attended a meditation class at Bloom Bars. It was a little too free form for me but it was a nice group of people. I just couldn't concentrate or sit still, though I have to say that the hour went quickly. "You bloom, we bloom." Indeed.
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