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Tickle · the · Pear

weekend + monday

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I really enjoy the monthly supper club with MoBob's co-workers. It's such a great mix of people, and we're really getting to know the restaurant scene in the greater DC area. On Friday night we went to Eyo's, highlighted in a recent NYT article on a economist's view on food and restaurants. I've had Ethiopian food fairly regularly, in DC and also a few times in Nairobi, though I'm far from an expert. This was the Best Ever. I have a pretty ironclad stomach, but usually after Ethiopian food my tummy rebels a little, but after the meal I didn't feel a thing. Plus our table was the only one without kids, the only non-Ethiopians, and several taxis were parked out front. All good signs.

On Saturday morning I continued my tour of underrated Washington DC sites. This time I visited the Woodrow Wilson house. Though I'd been to the Textile Museum a couple of times, I never realized that WWH is just down the street. I like poking around people's houses, and presidential residences are pretty good for that.

A detail of the quilt on the second Mrs. Wilson's bed.

Peeking inside the pantry.

One of the many works of art brought back from Europe.

On Saturday evening I met R&P for dinner at Mandu for Korean food. I liked it, but I think I prefer the bright yellow food truck for bulgogi.

I had a pretty good, if hectic, day at work. The morning began with a meeting on the National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security, and then I went to USDA to give a brown bag presentation on women and agriculture to staff at the Foreign Agricultural Service, then on to the World Bank for a roundtable on gender and land rights. Sadly, I'd left my iPhone at home, otherwise I'd have some photos of the extravagant World Bank headquarters.
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