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Tickle · the · Pear

staycation spring '12

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I have so much comp time from traveling that I can take off a couple of weeks every quarter. Day 1 (yesterday) I slept in, and organized myself - consolidating my to-list, and calendaring out the different tasks. Day 2 (today) I weeded the patch of ground in the back, and the tree box in front, prepared and then dropped off a meal for a sister in the ward who recently lost her spouse, did several loads of laundry, and had a mango smoothie at Sidamo. I woke up early to call my mom to wish her happy birthday but didn't get through, so I sent her a text instead.

I actually have three lists:
* things I (try) to do every quarter, like rotate the mattress
* tasks that come up periodically, like changing my drugstore prescription from in-store to mail-order
* fun activities. I haven't been to the MLKJ memorial yet, for example. And I'm going to Richmond to visit mysteena and her family!

It's such beautiful weather right now - soft spring air. This year I finally feel like I'm actually experiencing spring in DC. Except that I forgot to vote today. Oh well.
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