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Tickle · the · Pear

jump cut

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I’ve never taken a film class but I do like reading blogs like scanners and Ferdy on Films. I’ve learned about film editing techniques like the jump cut.

My life feels like a series of multiple jump cuts. This thought struck me this morning while I was in a tuk-tuk going from the hotel to the office. The driver took Avenida da Marginal which is the principal road paralleling the coastline. Twenty-four hours earlier I was in snowy Williamsburg. And then suddenly I was enjoying a breeze from the Indian Ocean. Now I’m looking at the draft document for the upcoming UN Commission on the Status of Women meeting. Sometimes my brain (and my body) can’t handle it.

On my journey to Maputo, once again Delta screwed up and then redeemed itself. Just like last time, there was confusion between what I was told about my upgrade on the phone, in Washington-Dulles, and in Atlanta. Just like last time, the senior gate agent managed to get me into first class. In the end a happy ending, but a lot more stressful than it had to be.

I’m really heartened to see how my colleagues in Maputo are happy to see me. I’m happy to see them too. I'm glad to be in the warmth and sun.
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