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iphone camera woes

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I’ve decided that on future trips I’ll be bringing along my trusty point and shoot. The iphone battery runs out of juice so quickly, and it’s awkward and slow to use because I have to put in my password and then find the camera function. Plus it’s a pain to transfer photos, whether via SugarSync or by email.

Now Google is closing out Picasa, and Google+ Photos is a pain to use (hard to find the photo URL), so I’m trying to figure out what photo sharing site I should use. I thought Photobucket was pretty clunky. Not sure about flickr either. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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On January 31st, 2012 08:47 pm (UTC), mortuus commented:
I use Phanfare and love it, but it's expensive. Smugmug is also really good but it's another pay one, though less expensive than Phanfare.

If you want to stick with free, though, I like flickr. It took me quite a while a while to warm up to it, but I find it useful now.

I've heard really good things about 500px. You can only upload 20 photos a week for free, but if that's all you need, that one is a good option. (If you need more, it's $50/year.)

If you're willing to pay, though, Smugmug would get my highest recommendation. If I weren't already ensconced in Phanfare*, I'd use Smugmug. Their basic version, which is probably all you'd need, is $40/yr.

(*I absolutely love Phanfare's display of photos, but they keep raising prices and keep changing terms and format and more, and it's driving me insane, and I'd totally bail on them, but I've got so much uploaded that it's too much effort to move now. Someday they'll go to far, and then I'm high-tailing it to Smugmug.)
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