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Tickle · the · Pear

Friday afternoon, when everyone else is at the mosque

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I’ve gone past my old neighborhood (but didn’t make an effort to see where I used to live) and also past my old office (on a side street that wasn’t visible from the main road). I thought about going to my old hang-out, the Broadway Café (run by a Malian family that had lived in NYC), but one of my friends here told me that the restaurant has moved to a bigger place and wasn’t the cozy diner I remember. The best thing I did when I left was, instead of holding a going-away party, I held “office hours” at the Broadway Café during my last week in Bamako, and just told everyone to stop by.

I went with a friend to the Thai restaurant last night where, once again, everyone remembered me. Now that we’re back in the US, Thai food is what we order when we’re feeling lazy, instead of an expensive and special treat. Tonight another friend and I are going to Abissinia, the new Ethiopian restaurant. How funny that I’ve come all the way from Washington DC, the Ethiopian restaurant capital of America, to dine on injera in Bamako. And yes, I have been eating Malian food, for lunch every day.

My temporary digs at the admin assistant's desk - she's on vacation. I noticed the photo of the First Family above and the calendar from the Bureau of Prisons below.

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