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Tickle · the · Pear

Boxing Day shopping (sounds more elegant than "the day after Christmas")

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I got up early to get to the nearest Target (in Columbia Heights) for the 7am opening. Good-hearted MoBob woke up early to drive me and I was there by 7:15am. Alone - except for the staff. I was surprised, since I was expecting an early morning scrum. All the better for leisurely circulating and checkout. I bought a lot of Christmas stuff, like gift bags, in neutral colors so they can be used throughout the year. I also purchased two sets of queen size flannel sheets in white. There were several shelves of solid-colored (as opposed to holiday-patterned) flannel sheets at half price in the holiday section. Weird, but I took advantage. By the time I left around an hour later more people were filtering in.

MB and I decided to stretch our budget to get iPhones, especially as I got a USG employee discount. Our cell phones are so ancient that we have to put the volume on speaker phone in order to hear, and the Sprint guy was unable to transfer MB's contact list to the iPhone. MB is happy to have finally entered the 21st century communications-wise, though I'm pretty neutral. I hate talking on the phone, and I was happy enough with my iPod touch. Since we were already at Pentagon City I visited Nordstrom Rack and bought...a hair dryer. (Not for me, since I haven't dried my blow-dried my hair since high school, but for guests, since that's the number one request we get.)
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