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Tickle · the · Pear

lame lame lame

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1. Nook Simple
I miss the Barnes and Noble blogs that showed up once a week on my old Nook: Unbound (new books and author interviews), Daybook (literary event of the day), and Free Fridays (self-explanatory). They’re not in the new Nooks.

2. Verizon Internet
Somehow when I cancelled our internet service in July, I didn’t realize that I *also* had to specifically request cancelling the internet security. For which we’ve been billed. Thankfully I got through to someone who cancelled the security service and issued a refund.

3. My grad school
Organizing a year of events dedicated to international agriculture but somehow forgot to include alums at the main donor agency who actually work on international agriculture.

Not lame: a website that only plays local DC music.
Hometown Sounds

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