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Last Friday night we went to see one of my favorite authors, Adam Gopnik, speak at the new Alliance Française downtown. He was absolutely delightful. He spoke of his new book on food and culture in France, which actually posed a quandary for us because MoBob wants to read it as well. Hard copy or e-copy? I congratulated Adam on his appearance on TV5 several years ago – he said he was absolutely terrified. I would be too.

I have a new French tutor. She is very old school. Madame actually went over my test scores and suggested we work on "le grammaire." Bleah. I totally agree that it’s my weak point but it doesn’t make it any more appetizing.

I’d gotten tickets to see Talk of the Nation’s live broadcast at National Geographic on Monday, but I was already booked for the ag officers training. I gave the tickets to two other colleagues instead. When I asked them how it went, the conversation deteriorated into descriptions of…blond Steve Inskeep.
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