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Tickle · the · Pear

hotel tales

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President Obama stayed in this very hotel though not in the room I'm in now. The driver told me that the entire hotel was vacated, as well as the highway. It's a pretty nondescript place - I mean, this is a Holiday Inn, just like any Holiday Inn in the U.S.

Since yesterday was a U.S. holiday I didn't go to the office, but I did have a meeting with non-USG folks, since, obviously, it was a work day for the rest of the world. Then I went to Aid to Artisans Ghana (ATAG) store in my responsibility to help the local economy wherever I am. I haven't been to Accra since 2005 and the shop has gotten quieter and dustier than I last remember, but I still bought a lot of good stuff.

Tomorrow more of my colleagues will be here, and I anticipate more meetings and more hours in front of the unrelenting glow of computer screen.
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