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Tickle · the · Pear

Labor Day in Accra (not a holiday)

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This morning I saw on the road a young woman selling paintbrushes. Why? Is there a huge market among commuters stuck in traffic?

I had an OK flight. It was packed, with lots of kids, which surprised me, given that school is starting. For some reason we had a second passport/ticket check at the gate. Weird. Maybe because the flight was continuing to Lagos? Maybe because of the incident a few months ago? (My Ghanaian colleagues claim that the offending passenger was probably a Nigerian, because a Ghanaian would be too much in a hurry to get home to jeopardize the trip.)

Watching Grease 30+ years later was kind of like visiting Disneyland as an adult. I'd forgotten some parts, like how Danny Zucko tried to become an athlete, and other parts seem so cheesy. I also noticed how parents were notably absent, and also black people, except for the one guy in the live band, even though the high school seemed to be in California. It wasn't a singalong but people sang along anyway, including the four women in front of us who knew the words to every song, including the obscure ones. I actually had a good discussion with my office neighbor about Grease vs. American Graffiti vs. The Last Picture Show. (We didn't discuss West Side Story since it wasn't made in the 70s like the others.) I think I enjoyed the costumes more than the music. Here's an interesting analysis of Rizzo's outfits.
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