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Tickle · the · Pear

San Francisco!

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Oh, how I miss Washington DC. Oh, how I love San Francisco.

Janet and Brenda very kindly drove me to Washington Dulles to catch my 7:15am flight to San Francisco. It was delayed by more than an hour because of...a bunch of Filipino exchange students. Why would Filipino kids want to be exchange students in the US? Isn't it enough to visit the relatives here? I was originally seated in the midst of a Russian family with 4-5 small children (hard to count properly because they were running around in a blur) but the father was thankful enough to switch seats so I ended up next to a sullen but quiet girl teenager.

My friend Rodney picked up me up and we immediately went to lunch. I had wontons and spaghetti and meatballs. We met up later to go to the wonderfully refurbished De Young Museum. We started in the observation tower which had a fantastic 360 degree view of the City (yes, capital C!) and then visited the different galleries. We lingered a bit in the Art of Africa section as there were a couple of masks from Burkina Faso. Something to tell my Burkinabe colleagues about, anyway. Then Rodney's partner Paul joined us and we had dinner in the very upscale museum cafeteria (I had beef fajita salad). Then we finished off the evening with Argentinian gelato (chocolate for me) in the Fillmore district. The Fillmore Jazz Festival is this weekend, a good excuse to re-visit the neighborhood.
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