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Tickle · the · Pear

sunny with low humidity

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I feel really unmotivated to stay inside the office. I have another trip looming ahead (I leave for Accra on Saturday night for a week) and am in the mood to procrastinate since it’s so gorgeous outside.

On Sunday I felt like doing something completely non-touristy to celebrate post-Irene blue skies so I walked over to Lincoln Park and listened to a variety of podcasts while lying on the grass. Then I wandered into P&C Market to buy a jar of Vegemite and a container of Tunisian olives.

This week I tried to pace my workload a little differently to improve my productivity. I arrived at the office by 7am on Monday and Tuesday to frontload my schedule. I got a lot done, but also felt tired to boot. (My sporty colleagues insisted we walk to and from a meeting at the World Bank on Tuesday which was enough exercise for me.) The good thing is that I have all day today and Friday (work from home day) to do all this preparatory reading; the bad thing is that I just feel like taking a nap.
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