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Tickle · the · Pear

not so bad, but glad it's over

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We were very lucky and didn't experience any damage from Tropical Storm Irene. I recycled the list of the nearby shelters but still have the plastic storage container of water in our bathroom (since we have a shower, and no tub). I spent all day Saturday at a board retreat for the DC Cal alumni association, and thought MoBob was going out to see his friend. I was going to suggest that he spend the night there, but I found him at home, ironing and watching a soccer game online and the TV on mute. We spent a quiet evening at home; I looked through the Apartment Therapy book and then fell asleep to the sound of heavy rain and wind and distant sirens. Church was cancelled except for a short, no-obligation sacrament meeting. I slept on, in guilt-free bliss.

Bon Appetit
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