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Tickle · the · Pear

at the end of a busy week

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Friday night - free concerts at Yards Park

Although this we'd been to Nats Park a couple of times, this was our first visit to Yards Park. We went to the weekly free concert on the riverfront. Just lovely.

The Anacostia River as a backdrop.

The tower.

The bridge.

Inside the bridge.

Saturday afternoon - Fascinator Crafting Party

The lovely LL celebrated her birthday by allowing uptight Washingtonians to unleash their creative fury.

Raw materials.

Post-bellum for sure. (Note artificially aged and distressed American flag, and stickies of Abe Lincoln)

Toy army figures and a dead oversized flamingo nestled in camouflage - what does this hat mean?!

I'm so cute.

On Sunday evening I attended an info session on using e-readers at Politics and Prose. It's always a slog to get there (why don't they open up in Eastern Market or U St.?) and I was the youngest person there. I won a gift card because I was the only Nook user who brought the cable, and a staff member kindly loaded the 20+ e-books I'd purchased. With the gift card I bought Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express and then I met MoBob next door at Comet Ping Pong for a noisy Ramadan pizza.

One reason this week was crazier than usual is because I have a new colleague. So now there are TWO gender advisors, which is a lot fewer than, say, the three livestock specialists or the four private sector analysts. I'll be in Ghana and Mozambique in September, which I'd rather not think about right now.

Faithful readers may notice that I have not complained about Ramadrama (or Dramadan?) this year so far, at least not on the blog. This year MB and I are snipping, "That's not the Ramadan spirit" in our best passive-aggressive tones. Last night I attended a Ramadan dinner with the USAID Mission Director for Morocco. Unfortunately MB was at a rival event but I still got to catch up with dear American and Moroccan friends.
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