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I like to think that I’m pretty good about supporting the local Filipino-American community. So even though I was super-tired, I went to Woolly Mammoth Theater to attend a read through of Pinoy: A 'merican Tale. The play is in the the upcoming Capital Fringe Festival but I’ll be in Bangladesh. This is the first time I’ve gone to a public reading followed by a feedback session. Except for the author’s mom and aunt, I was the only other Fil-Am in the room. Seriously, I don’t think I’d be able to perform my own work with my mom in the room. We were in the rehearsal hall, which was stark and simple. The ensemble were seated in a row and stood up to read their parts from music stands. I was really impressed that this is the first anything that I’ve seen about Fil-Ams that didn’t deal with identity issues. Though I did suggest adding additional Filipino flavor, like mentioning adobo (at least). It was cool to see the collaborative process with the cast, the writer/director, and us, the audience.

My new favorite:

Sachal Vasandani - Hi Fly - EPK from Mack Avenue on Vimeo.

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