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Tickle · the · Pear

Friday and Saturday

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On Friday night I was tripled-booked and actually bar-hopped - first to the Dupont Hotel with work friends to celebrate the end of the training, then on to James Hoban's with the ladies from tennis, and finally American Ice Co. to say goodbye to a friend leaving for Afghanistan. It was wonderful seeing everyone - I just wish I had more time.

Today I actually went to Red Bow Studio for the Willpower and Grace class. I'd been there a couple of weeks ago for a b.fit barre class which I enjoyed well enough (and the instructor works as an economist at the Fed). W&G was pretty good too - probably the first workout I've had where I felt like I worked out but didn't feel like conking out afterwards.

Then I went to see "Foreign Eye," one of the films featured in IV BRAZILDOCS, the documentary film festival sponsored by the Brazilian Embassy. "Foreign Eye" was about images, or, more accurately, stereotypes, of Brazil and Brazilians in film. I really enjoyed it, especially the "post-colonial" view, whether the filmmaker or director is American, French, or Swedish. Though some of the clips were excruciatingly cringe-worthy - Brooke Shields as Brenda Starr? The (non-existent) beach in São Paulo? I just wish there was more footage from Orson Welles' documentary on Carnaval, which unfortunately was never released in public.
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