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Tickle · the · Pear

Another fun week at Casa MoBobSyl

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Memorial Day was pretty relaxing. Mainly I caught up on household stuff. On Monday we went to see Rio with our dear friends and their twin girls. Rio was absolutely delightful with enough inside jokes and references to keep grown-ups entertained.

Speaking of grown-up entertainment, we went to see Bill Cosby perform at Wolf Trap. Puddin’? Dr. Huxtable? Hey hey hey, it’s Fat Albert! Cosby was absolutely hilarious – hard to believe he performed for two hours plus straight while in his 70s. The biggest laughs came when he said that he thought “erectile dysfunction” was a prehistoric animal.

I’ve been woefully negligent of my Washington DC bucket list, but I managed to make a brief visit to the Pentagon Memorial on Saturday. (photos forthcoming) I was really amazed that any ordinary citizen can get out of the Metro station and walk around, in a relatively unimpeded manner, the largest symbol of the American military might. Not only was there a Metro station, but the Pentagon stop is also a major bus hub, and so thousands of people must pass through every day. And yet on a Saturday afternoon I didn’t have to go through any checkpoints, nor did I see any uniformed personnel.

I finally went to the monthly UC Berkeley alum association supper club, this time held at The Liberty Tavern. The food was OK, but the company was bright and witty – of course!
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