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Tickle · the · Pear

only slightly cold-addled but cheery enough

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After another hectic weekend I'm recovering in the office and feeling a head cold. Ugh. And I fly out Wednesday night. At least it's not like last year when I had malaria.

Today I spent most of my time thinking about HIV/AIDS. The Togo office had asked for some technical assistance on gender for a proposal focusing on HIV+ people and orphans and vulnerable children for submission to the Global Fund. Then I spent this afternoon discussing another proposal, this time on nutritional support (nutrition education and distribution of enriched rations) for HIV+ people and their families. Altogether very depressing. Plus I still have a lot of loose ends to tie up before I leave.

A constant theme in my life is reconciling my Mormonism and my feminism. So I was happy to receive an email about an interview with Judy Dushku, one of the founders of Exponent II.

Q: As a feminist, how did you resolve the tension between your feminism and the theology?

A: It is an ongoing work. I think that our leaders and membership are continually defining Mormon doctrine, so it's not stagnant. It is true that only men can hold the priesthood, which is the authority to act in certain leadership roles. We wish that that would be different, and we think there may come a time where it will be different. But most of us have felt there are other leadership roles we can play. But as a feminist, I frequently feel some discomfort with the emphasis certain leaders put on certain aspects of the theology that I simply don't accept.

It's not just me!
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