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Because of the weather today I was able to work from home. Thank goodness, since I'm still recovering from the weekend.

MoBob met the French TV journalist at the airport, while I went ahead to Martha's Table for the MLKJ volunteer activity. (As an aside, the Obamas visited the middle school a couple of blocks over - where we vote, saw the Jazz Nutcracker, and where I took my music theory class - while we were on the other side of town.) The journalist filmed us while we painted (or in my case, pretended to paint) walls in a stairwell. He also started interviewing us, though the interviews continued later at home. Surprisingly, the other volunteers were either indifferent or super-curious about someone walking around with a camera. The most unnerving aspect for me was having to repeat several actions, like walking down the street ("please walk at the same speed") or gazing adoringly at MB, which caused both of us to giggle. We also walked around quite around the Capitol for background, and the journalist returned to U St. for more atmospheric shots. I'm actually really proud of myself for doing the whole thing in French. The journalist said that the segment will be up on the network website by the end of February.

We walked to Union Station and I bought my Nook. I decided based on two factors: (1) generous gift cards and (2) the ability to download ebooks from the library. Which I haven't figured out how to do yet.

We topped off a tiring day by watching a live (?) HD broadcast of Fela! The Musical. Wow. The music was wonderful, the dancing energetic and then, at the end, defiant and frenetic, and overall, the show was totally sexy. I'm actually more of a fan of Femi than Fela, but it was still great fun. Lagos in the 1970s! I was surprised and impressed with the roles of women in Fela's life as portrayed in the show: his mother, his American wife who introduced him to the Black Power movement, the dancers who were constantly present as back-up and as wives. For such a participatory show, oddly enough MB and I were the only couple dancing.
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On January 19th, 2011 12:34 pm (UTC), mysteena commented:
Although I don't speak French, I'm still really eager to see the documentary. what a neat experience for you!

I'm sure if you ask your librarian he/she will be glad to explain how to use the e-book feature. Have fun!
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On January 19th, 2011 03:59 pm (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
Not to cast aspersions on the local library staff, but sometimes they find the scanner thingy a little problematic. :/
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