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Tickle · the · Pear

another Dilbert moment

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I brought some black bean chili for lunch today but ran out of tortillas and forgot to turn on the rice cooker last night.

So I brought the chili thinking that I could just order a plate of rice from the kitchen.

Alas, this was an exercise that took about 15 minutes' discussion with the Kitchen Wench:

Me: I'd like to order a plate of rice for lunch.

KW: That's not possible. There's only rice with meat sauce.

Me: So you can't just put some plain rice on a plate for me?

KW: No.

Me: Why not?

KW: It's not possible.

Me: So you cook the rice and the sauce in the same pot?

KW: Yes.

Me: Really? Every time I order rice with sauce they come on different plates. Why can't you just give me a plate of rice?

KW: No.

Me: I just want a plate of rice. No sauce.

KW: Just rice? No sauce?

Me: Yes.

KW: (muffled discussion in Mooré with other Kitchen Wenches) OK.

Me: Thank you. Now why did we just spend 15 minutes discussing this?

KW: You want it in 15 minutes?

Me: (hangs up and pulls hair)

I stalked over to the receptionist and she assured me that it was them, not me. Then another colleague came in and suggested that next time I should order the rice with sauce and just send the sauce back. He added that they'll charge me for both, regardless.
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