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inelastic time

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I'm still not sure if I'll be traveling to Nairobi on Wednesday or not. In the meantime, I have a lengthy to-do list to tackle.

I realized that I haven't posted about my experience going to church. When I lived in Nairobi in 1999-2000, I was a member of the Upper Hill Branch. Now the branch is a ward, and there are five other wards in the stake. Wow. The complex had been renovated and now served as the main missionary office, distribution center, and other church functions. I was happy to see one lady who had been my Relief Society President; otherwise some folks looked familiar, but then everyone looks familiar. N. and I were subjected to "testimony on demand" during Relief Society. This seems to happen to me in every ward/branch I visit overseas. At least it was in English, and at least I was in Relief Society, unlike my experience in Cameroon.

On the way home I had several annoying experiences on KLM, but there and back I watched two Dutch movies that I really enjoyed. The first was Hush Hush Baby (Shouf Shouf Habibi), about a Moroccan family in the Netherlands. MoBob and I watched it on DVD once I got home, and it was interesting for both of us to see a movie about Moroccan immigrants that's not set in a French-speaking country. The other movie I saw was The Happy Housewife, about a woman who suffers from post-partum depression. The main actress was amazingly versatile, and there were quite a few funny moments. But for both films I enjoyed the most the glimpses of everyday Dutch life.
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