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Tickle · the · Pear

Soccer Widow - the neverending story

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It's a good thing I'm working this weekend, MoBob said this morning, otherwise I'd be glued to this couch.

Very true. Although MoBob reassures me that he doesn't mind giving up his family and friends, lifestyle, career opportunities, and general well-being to follow me to Burkina Faso, I've always wondered if he regrets it.

Now I know he doesn't because he can watch all of the World Cup in technicolor glory and surround-sound courtesy of a Canal France International relay to Radio-TV Burkina.

If he were in Morocco, chances are he wouldn't be able to because the two national channels have thus far been able to secure the broadcasting rights, according to MoroccoTimes.com.

All I can say is: bwa-ha-ha.

World Cup: Morocco spares no effort to obtain broadcasting rights.
Soccer Widow
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ETA: Click here for the photo of Mr. Switzerland 2005- with his cow!
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