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Tickle · the · Pear

dog days of August

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I am really tired of the heat and humidity. I hate that it's been raining so often (so not a lot of tennis) but it never really cools down. I really miss the snow! The We Love DC blog has an interesting post about the weather; the gist is that the myth is confirmed, this year was really extreme.

On Sunday I was set apart as a teacher in the Relief Society. Of course, I taught the lesson on priesthood organization. I was a little worried about the lesson because I wanted to make it pertinent to women but not focus so much on men. I wanted to emphasize that women benefit from *and* contribute to the priesthood, and that women should not feel any less worthy for not having priesthood authority. The Exponent II lesson plan was a lifesaver. McA brought up the why question, which I was planning to address anyway: Why don't women have the priesthood? My answer: I don't know.
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